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As a regional training centre, how do you gain more control over facility matters? ROC van Twente was struggling with a lack of transparency and overview within contract management. The problems occurred, for example, in cleaning in terms of space states, specifications, communication with suppliers and additional work orders. To solve these issues, ROC van Twente contacted GRIP Facility. In combination with a successful cleaning tender supervised by Atir, the solution was close at hand.

Since the new tender, the ROC of Twente has several cleaning suppliers, which in principle does not make contract management any easier.

Katyana Ottink, project leader and facility management consultant at ROC van Twente, was therefore quite skeptical at the beginning: “How do you keep the specifications up-to-date with all parties? How do you ensure that you yourself take control of the space states and specifications? And how do you maintain financial control over extra work performed, such as window cleaning? Because we hardly had any control over what had been paid or not, double payments occasionally went out the door. In addition, we often had to look up the overviews in the mail. That regularly led to unnecessary discussions”. In short, the help of a digital platform such as GRIP Facility was badly needed.

“The GRIP Facility software really saves us a lot of time and money” – Katyana Ottink (ROC van Twente)

What does GRIP Facility do?

Financial contract management ensures control

Thanks to the contract management software, ROC van Twente has regained control over the administrative side of the cleaning contract and additional finances. With the digital facility contract manager, the platform creates clarity and structure for ROC van Twente. Ottink: “In collaboration, we completely redesigned the financial administration of our cleaning contracts.”

ROC van Twente can use the contract management software in the future to make data-driven decisions. Ottink: “We can then base our choices on the information from the system, such as the type of management activities and associated costs.”

Measuring and monitoring thanks to the GRIP Facility KPI dashboard

The KPI Dashboard ensures that the KPIs, which are set during the
tender, can be easily measured and monitored. It
dashboard offers the following benefits:

KPIs are visible per location;

Suppliers can see for themselves how
their results are and can enter data themselves;

The VSR quality audit performed by
Atir is automatically entered in the KPI Dashboard;

Atir can be real time
watching along with the ROC van Twente in the field of calculations, quotations and

All documents are on a central

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The result for ROC van Twente: cost and time savings

Thanks to GRIP Facility, ROC van Twente has a grip on the situation again, in terms of specifications and any changes, as well as changes overviews with financial results and settlements.

Ottink is enthusiastic about the control obtained: “Now everything is properly recorded. Invoices can only be sent if the work has actually been approved. The permanent work is also always under control, because the change management at day level is processed in GRIP Facility’s contract management. If an additional settlement is required, GRIP Facility will indicate exactly how much this should be and what the new fixed monthly amounts will be.”

The financial process is therefore very transparent and efficient . “It really saves us a lot of time and money,” says Ottink. “In addition, the invoices, if I have approved them in contract management, go directly to the accounts payable department.”

“In our collaboration with ROC van Twente, the software ensures that the administrative process is transparent. There are no more discussions about calculations (and costs of settlements) and there are no doubts about the invoicing of extra work performed. All simple and insightful.” – Roy Tibben (Branch manager at Asito)

The result for the parties involved

The suppliers of ROC van Twente also benefit from the effects of GRIP Facility. Asito is one of those suppliers. The collaboration is a lot more efficient since working with GRIP Facility. The clear registration of appointments ensures, among other things, clarity in invoicing. Roy Tibben (location manager Asito Groot-Almelo) says about GRIP Facility: “In our collaboration with ROC van Twente, the software ensures that the administrative process is transparent. There are no more discussions about calculations (and costs of settlements) and there are no doubts about the invoicing of extra work performed. All simple and insightful.”

Another supplier is Visschedijk. They take care of the cleaning for the Hengelo and Enschede plots. Visschedijk stepped on board when GRIP Facility was taken into use. Jessica Johannink (District Manager at Visschedijk) is very pleased with the system: “GRIP Facility is an easy, fast, time and place independent system for viewing unambiguous information that is visible to everyone.”

Visschedijk is also full of praise for the transparency that GRIP Facility offers: “with GRIP Facility you are completely transparent together with the client, which works well in the collaboration.”

GRIP on facility administrative cleaning process

When asked whether ROC van Twente would recommend GRIP Facility, Ottink replies: “Certainly. With GRIP Facility you have full control over your administrative cleaning process. In addition, the dashboard simply displays performance that you can discuss with your supplier. In the future, we expect to be able to make choices within the cleaning process based on the collected data.”

ROC van Twente is so satisfied with GRIP Facility that they have decided to expand the service with catering and hot drinks facilities. For this purpose, the quality and hygiene audits are carried out by HTC Advies. The data is automatically processed in the dashboard. In addition, the relevant suppliers are added to the digital environment of ROC van Twente. The implementation of GRIP Facility at ROC van Twente means a significant improvement in cooperation for all parties, a result that fits in seamlessly with the objectives of GRIP Facility.

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v.l.n.r: Katyana Ottink (ROC van Twente), Roy Tibben (Asito), Jessica Johannink (Visschedijk) en Stephan Simons (GRIP Facility)
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