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Our Applications

GRIP Facility has four core applications with which we can provide everything related to contract management in cleaning and facility management. In addition, our systems link with each other and with other systems by means of available open APIs, for this we have documentation available to make this transfer as simple and secure as possible.

Financial Contractmanagement

GRIP Facility’s financial contract management application is central to our vision for creating data driven contract management for cleaning and facility management. Determining the invoice amounts and budget hours, calculating spaces, floor maintenance and window cleaning and keeping all agreed rates up-to-date. Everything goes through GRIP and connects to your existing application landscape (your ERP and/or planning system).

Easy Cleaning Control

With the DKS application from GRIP Facility, your organization can quickly and easily realize and monitor cleaning controls. The reports can be viewed immediately and can be shared with your staff in a positive and coaching way. The application makes it possible to take pictures of errors and to register facility errors. In addition, it is also possible to zoom in on the most common type of error, wrong room category and elements that are incorrectly cleaned per room.

dks app

Dashboard & Notifications

The GRIP Facility dashboard provides insight into the progress of performance (internal or external KPIs). Collaborate with suppliers and intermediaries in the cloud, create clear reports in the KPI dashboard, collect all kinds of data and link them to different KPIs, easily link your data with another software system via API and much more.

Audit Application

With the audit app from GRIP Facility you can digitize all facility measurements. With our application, specific cleaning measurements, experience measurements, HACCP measurements, hot drinks audits, mystery visits and PoR audits are currently being used. We take the feedback from our clients seriously and together we ensure that our app remains the best.

audit app