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GRIP Facility supplies the tool as a supplement to the existing financial and planning/registration systems. Together with GRIP Facility, you as a cleaning company are ready for data driven cleaning contract management.

Say goodbye to pen and paper, e-mail and Excel. Link with your client’s systems (FMIS) and link with your own internal systems. GRIP Facility ensures that you as a company have a total solution and that you really start digitizing.

Read more on the page about what GRIP can mean as a pivot in the total solution for your cleaning organization by integrating the GRIP Facility software into your company.

From calculation, changes and a financial contract basis to linking employee data based on hours, checks and analyses.


In GRIP Financial Contract Management it is possible to load and manage the large, complex and originally traditional Excel calculations that are known in the cleaning world. Simply put, this is a digital calculation. A digital calculation that can be linked to existing financial systems, such as ERP systems. It can also be linked to existing planning and registration systems. This is in contrast to Excel. These changes can also be transferred to the planning and registration system in the case of contract changes.


GRIP ensures that information about regular and management activities can be retrieved via an open API. Because it can talk real-time with the execution and registration systems, after execution and registration of the hours, a message can be sent back to GRIP that the assignment has been carried out. If applicable, the number of variable hours can be placed on actual costing in GRIP, after which the client receives a message that directing work has been carried out and can be assessed.

Planning tool

Budget hours
Planned hours
Hours remain to plan


GRIP Facility is the tool to monitor employees for coaching purposes. Link the employees in GRIP to your own system to inform people about measurements taken. Easily record these DKS measurements and share them with your client via the GRIP Dashboard. The same applies to all other types of measurements, such as experience, interviews or even HACCP and WDA if your clients so request.


GRIP Facility provides the amounts, both regular, extra work (direction) and turns for both the client and the cleaning company. This billing data can be retrieved via an open API so that it can enter the financial systems of both parties in real-time and without errors.

The remuneration part does not go through GRIP, this can be done through our partners (for example CleanJack, who is a specialist in this with Loket).


The GRIP Facility Dashboard is the tool for analysis and optimization. The KPI agreements with the client are key for this. Here KPIs can be displayed such as technical quality, experience, handling of actions/complaints (also via the GRIP Action Tool within the dashboard). Financial data is of course also displayed on this dashboard and it is possible to link other systems via the open API to provide a total overview. This is not limited to cleaning, other parts are also possible.

As the owner of the dashboard, you also determine who should see which KPIs or locations.


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