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Onze Visie

Digitizing key facility & cleaning information to ultimatility enrich user experience in buildings and sustainable people management.

GRIP Facility has made its vision to digitize all important information that can be used in cleaning and facility management. Think of a cleaning calculation, performing (extra) work, performing the turns, performing cleaning checks and so on.

By digitizing this, the information can be used to optimize contracts, in order to ultimately bring the building users and their experience to the best level.

In addition, we provide automation through digitization. In times of staff shortages, you can automate processes (such as invoicing or planning) by linking GRIP to your existing systems. That way you also deal with your staff in a sustainable way and they mainly do what they like.

Een vrijblijvend adviesgesprek om te kijken hoe onze visie aansluit op uw huidige processen en applicatie landschap? Laat uw gegevens achter en wij contacten u.