GRIP Facility is launching a new feature aimed at sustainable coaching of personnel

AMSTERDAM – Facility platform GRIP Facility will from now on use its DKS software to focus more on dealing more sustainably with staff and improving the user experience on location. Under the impulse of the current staff shortage, the market needs software that not only makes cleaning work easier and more fun, but also more effective and sustainable. With the rollout of the new features, GRIP Facility wants to give cleaning and care organizations the means to better manage, assess and coach employees.

These new developments are in line with the principles of the code of responsible market conduct, such as pursuing a policy aimed at keeping employees healthy and sustainably employable.

The staff shortage has only increased in recent years. The lack of employees and the increasing costs are stagnating growth in many facility/cleaning organizations. After all, without personnel, organizations cannot scale up, and the high costs then put more pressure on the results. To turn the tide, cleaning companies need to be able to do their work smarter and motivated employees are needed for this. On the one hand to retain staff, on the other hand to control costs. GRIP Facility supports organizations with these challenges.

That is why the company is launching various updates aimed at stimulating digital and data-driven contract management and treating cleaning employees more sustainably. “We want to help companies automate their work so that they can focus on delivering quality again. In addition, we want to use the app to ensure that employees enjoy their work more. Where clean rooms often go unnoticed and errors in cleaning often predominate, we focus on what goes well. Motivate and coach instead of judging for mistakes. We have further developed the tools for these wishes,” says Stephan Simons, director of Grip Facility.

The new features don’t come out of the blue. “All the new possibilities within GRIP Facility were specific wishes from our clients. So we really wanted to respond to this. We therefore tailor our updates to the feedback, instead of making it all up ourselves. In addition, we want to make the options as accessible as possible for everyone. We have deliberately chosen to develop the features for a while. The result is an easy process to monitor quality and people. This way everyone can get started,” explains Luuk Schouten, sales consultant at GRIP Facility.

Employees, experience scores, room state link and extensive reports

With the DKS measurements, customers can expect four new functions: creating employees in their own management environment, specifying an experience score per room, linking room statements with GRIP Facility’s own financial contract management module and an extensive analysis page where you can filter by person. , region, location and the desired period.

With the new functions we also create the possibility to send a personal report to the cleaning employee. This employee report shows what was found during an inspection, what went well and what could be improved. The employee receives this feedback via a personal, short and concise report. In these new reports, GRIP no longer names the errors, but focuses on positive and sustainable feedback in order to optimize cleaning together. In this way, the employee can be stimulated with constructive feedback to get more out of themselves.


With the update, GRIP Facility has also further developed its action management tool (to be used for notifications and compliments, among other things) across its entire platform. This can also be used in the mobile application. An example of this is that if a facility error is detected during a DKS check (for example a defective door handle), this will automatically be created as an action in the tooling without having to look at the outstanding actions for each DKS.

The new options within GRIP Facility are available to customers from today. Of course we’d love to show you these new additions!

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