Data driven alternative to the Email

Can you remember when you first sent an email? At least I did, a world opened up for me. Someone I could reach quickly with very little effort. This will undoubtedly also have been the starting point of Ray Tomlinson, who sent the very first email in 1971. It became popular with the general public from 1995 as the Internet became more widely accessible and it is now estimated that 269 trillion emails are sent daily for various purposes.

From this it can be concluded that the email has become a very successful tool for messaging over the years. If you zoom in on the facility industry, email is often used to communicate internally with staff. Consider, for example, deactivating an action, where the door handle needs to be repaired or a room that needs to be cleaned again. The email can be used for this, but it is difficult to extract data from it.

How can you track whether this message has been resolved? The employee can email it back, but then you still have no overview of all open actions and which ones have already been completed. It is also likely that the employee forgets to take this up and you cannot send him a reminder because you do not have this clearly arranged. This can result in the door handle still being broken and the room dirty, not desirable I think.

In such situations, the email is a thing of the past to fully rely on, in this case it is nice to have a tool in which you can take actions and follow exactly what the status is. Fortunately, in 2022 there are such tools, set up an action, follow it closely, send reminders if it has not yet been picked up and let the employee indicate it as soon as it has been completed (even with a photo).

This gives you insight at a glance into all actions that have already been completed or still need to be completed, analyze how long it takes to complete an action, are KPIs being achieved and whether actions are recurring.

Curious how GRIP Facility can help you get an optimal grip on your actions? Then call 085-0604 270 or email [email protected]. I like to think along with you!

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