Why digitize DKS control?

The market is constantly evolving and improving. From cleaning robots that clean automatically, quality marks for reliability to ICT companies that ensure that data can be controlled. I will zoom in a bit more on the latter.

Within GRIP Facility I have a lot of contact with cleaning companies, healthcare, education and government institutions. It strikes me that there are still many organizations where the DKS check is done with pen and paper or is not done at all. The most common response to why it isn’t done is that it takes too much effort to do. Very understandable, first printing out a list, filling it in with a pen, manually entering it in Excel and then not being able to do anything with the result is not motivating and takes a lot of time.

What are the other benefits of digitizing the DKS?

Get insight into the cleaning quality at different locations at a glance

Coach your employees in a pleasant way

Recognize what additional training is needed for your staff

By doing the DKS with a digital tool, reports of measurements can be printed immediately. The results are also immediately saved in a dashboard that immediately shows the quality of the cleaning of all locations or employees.

This also gives the opportunity to show your staff the results and compliment them on their positive scores. After all, employees also like to hear that they are doing their job well.

Finally, if you see that the same mistakes are always being made at a certain employee or location, a digital tool makes it possible to recognize this in time and you can, for example, organize extra training for your staff.

Questions about digitizing DKS?

Would you also like to know how GRIP Facility can help you digitize the DKS? Send us a message, we’d love to think with you

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