Rijkskantoor de Knoop, optimizing together.

De Knoop is the meeting place of the government. To realize this clear ambition, Atir and HTC Advies have been providing insight into the quality and optimization opportunities of the facility concept since the opening in 2018. R Creators DBMO VOF, a partnership between Strukton Worksphere BV, Ballast Nedam and Facilicom Bedrijfsdiensten, designed, realized and operates government office building De Knoop for a period of 20 years, on behalf of the Central Government Real Estate Agency.

The periodic quality measurements consist of quality measurements on cleaning (VSR-KMS), HACCP audits, a test on residual materials management and mystery visits aimed at hospitality of the complete facility concept. The results per quarter are secured in our GRIP management dashboard. We share the results in reports, supported by insights into progress, explanations and practical tips.

Continuous improvement together is central to the collaboration between R Creators DBMO VOF, Atir and HTC. For us, hospitality means an integral concept with a hospitable and pleasant environment where people enjoy working, meeting and being surprised with service. Hospitality also means building a lasting relationship between the various activities, management and the DNA that the organization radiates. In our view, the world is changing, and so is the hospitality & facility concept. The trends have an impact. Ambitions are adjusted. The target group changes. And develop the technology, method and resources. We keep talking to each other and work flexibly together on improvement.

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