New Audit & DKS Software

GRIP Facility launched its own application on 1 October: the GRIP App. The GRIP App contains software for checks and measurements within different types of industries and is available on mobile and tablet for both Apple and Android. The app consists of two parts: DKS (especially for cleaning) and Audit (for all branches).

Daily Check Cleaning (DKS checks)
GRIP has completely updated its DKS software, making the software suitable for all parties. Clients, suppliers and intermediaries can use this app. All data from different parties come together in The GRIP Facility Dashboard, but can of course also be set separately. The App can be used offline, has the option to take photos and makes extensive reports.

The DKS measurements, of course arranged according to industry standards, can be performed in two different ways: counting elements or without counting elements:

When counting elements, an actual figure can be calculated. This is calculated based on the number of elements and the number of errors.

When counting elements is not used, a standard has been used that makes it easy to see whether a room is properly, sufficiently or insufficiently clean. Subsequently, actions can be deactivated with this.

Audits (Facility Measurements)
The second part of the GRIP App contains the audit part. Within this section it is possible to set up measurements yourself, this is possible with the following question options:

Yes No


Smilies (3,4 or 5)

Multiple choice

Open questions

Custom reports can also be made, but that is only in mutual consultation.

This app also has the option of preparing these measurements in the dashboard, saving documents and sharing the information with all parties if desired.

Integration GRIP Facility Dashboard
The GRIP App (both the DKS and Audit parts) can be accessed via the GRIP Facility Dashboard, but it is not necessary to have a license for the KPI dashboard and the financial contract management. However, the integration with the dashboard has been expanded to such an extent that all information can be linked to clients, intermediaries and suppliers if desired.

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