How LMC-VO gained insight with GRIP


How LMC-VO gains insight into the cleaning contract with GRIP

When LMC-VO chose two new suppliers for cleaning services in 2021 after their European tender, the need for a platform that could store everything in an insightful manner grew. From agreed KPIs and information about cleaning to contracts that you can manage yourself. This is how LMC-VO gained insight into cleaning with GRIP Facility.

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About LMC-VO

Educational institution LMC Secondary Education offers interconfessional and general special secondary education in Rotterdam. All levels of education are represented: from practical education to gymnasium.

Location: Rotterdam

Number of schools: 23

Employees: 1,200

Pupils: 8,600

Case category: efficiency, insight, automation


Financial management


After the European tender for the cleaning services at the LMC-VO, the educational institution was looking for a way to store all information clearly during and after the tender. Users (schools) and suppliers also had to be able to read the information easily. And not only that: the team needed a contract management tool with which they could manage their contracts digitally and easily. With GRIP’s dashboard and financial management, all agreements in the LMC-VO cleaning contract are now clear, transparent and digital.

The challenges after a tender

LMC-VO has 23 schools. For each of these schools, the services had to be started after the tender. There were several challenges involved: the suppliers had to start and carry out the cleaning properly. LMC-VO also wanted to be able to measure how well the work was being carried out. In addition, there was a need for an insightful calculation if the work had to be scaled up or down.

LMC-VO therefore needed a way to gain and keep track of all that information.

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Control over cleaning

To effectively organize all facets of cleaning, LMC-VO recognized the need to get started with a platform that could answer all their questions. GRIP offered the support the educational institution needed. Together with Stephan Simons, the project became a success by choosing solutions that matched the level of unburdening that LMC-VO needed.

“The solution was implemented by Stephan. He initially entered into discussions with the consultancy firm that handled the tender (Atir) and the two suppliers (Cantorclin and FrisFacilitair) to ensure that the transition went as smoothly as possible. During the implementation and introduction of the platform itself, the GRIP support team gave a very good explanation, with the service being user-friendly. We could always count on friendly and quick answers to questions and possibilities within the program,” says Diana Bena, Facility and Purchasing project leader at LMC-VO.

Reading information is easy for everyone

The educational institution could count on video manuals to familiarize the contract manager and location manager as well as the suppliers with the system. Each part can be explained so well, so that everyone quickly understands what it is all about: working together in a platform. In addition, the team can also work with GRIP’s full-fledged support channel with a large knowledge base in which all questions are answered.

Within the platform of the educational institution, it is now possible for all parties to access all relevant contract information everywhere, in real time. Not only nice for the contract manager, but also nice for the suppliers and location-bound persons who can continuously see how things are going for their own location in terms of calculations and performance.

“We needed a platform in which everything could be stored together in an insightful way. That is certainly what GRIP offers. It is functional, user-friendly and the layout looks good. In addition, it works great for everyone who has to work in it. The employees at the schools that have access also respond positively.”

Efficiency thanks to financial management program

LMC-VO also needed a self-administered financial management program. Calculations can be managed here, extra work can be recorded and subsequent invoice checks can be done within GRIP before it goes to the accounts payable department (Afas) of LMC-VO. That was also possible. Together with Stephan, the educational institution was able to enter and update the calculations from the tender, so that the contract could be used live from 1 January. Suppliers can also easily upload their call reports with locations, so that a good picture of the location is always available to the contract manager.

“The explanation at the introduction of the calculation system was good. Through the calcu

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