GRIP Facility and CleanJack are going to work together

Digitization in cleaning to a higher level

How nice is it when 2 IT specialists in facility services are allowed to work together on the same project for a large client. And if parties then discover that cleaning companies and clients can be served much better by linking systems! Stephan Simons and Niels van den Berg talk enthusiastically about the beginning of their collaboration at Schoonzorg in Amsterdam. Here the seed was sown for a unique collaboration in cleaning.

“In an ambitious time frame, GRIP Facility and CleanJack had to deliver an integrated system,” says Stephan Simons. Simons is director of GRIP Facility. “A system in which calculations, schedules and schedules for cleaning are made, where work orders are registered and where the invoicing and remuneration of personnel is then controlled. Remuneration exactly according to the cleaning CAO that is. And all this within a period of about 4  months.”

“A project with an exciting timeline, especially if the client asks for customization,” adds Niels van den Berg. Van den Berg is director of CleanJack.

“It worked out well because the GRIP Facility and CleanJack systems are complementary. The cooperation was constructive and pleasant from the very first moment. Both GRIP Facility and CleanJack are specialized in digitization in cleaning. We speak the same language.”

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Next level cleaning automation and data driven contract management

During the joint project, Niels and Stephan noticed that there is more common ground. GRIP Facility and CleanJack then sat down to map out the interfaces.

“By cleverly linking modules from GRIP Facility and CleanJack, we complete the circle of digital contract management and cleaning automation. Valuable insights emerge. Never before have a contract management system and a process management system been combined in this way. Clients and contractors look at the same dashboards, monitor the same KPIs, work with the same quality measurement systems and shorten the lines between planning and implementation. CleanJack’s communication solutions with the workplace are a godsend!”

According to Van den Berg and Simons, shared insights lead to better cooperation between clients and contractors. Transparency and trust are created.

To give an example: points of attention that emerge during a quality measurement are shown the same day in the cleaning App of the employee and are shown on the displays of the CleanJack terminals where cleaners log in and out. In this way, points of attention are resolved before they become problems, according to Van den Berg and Simons.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is 11903_Persbericht_CleanJack-4019-1024x683.jpg

The combined system of GRIP Facility and CleanJack consists of 5 modules:

calculation and task planning

roster planning, communication, registration of tasks performed and hours spent

process monitoring, quality control and KPI monitoring

invoicing and payroll management

analysis and optimization

The modules can be used stand alone or combined.

GRIP Facility and CleanJack also have links with FMIS systems, administration programs and salary systems. Space states from FMIS systems are matched with a calculation in GRIP, tasks from FMIS systems are received automatically and can be scheduled immediately. Work performed is automatically invoiced. The remuneration of employees can be implemented immediately, in accordance with the cleaning collective agreement.

Same target groups

During the brainstorming sessions, it quickly became clear to Simons and Van den Berg that they serve many similar customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Think of cleaning companies, healthcare institutions, educational institutions, government, public transport, offices, hotels and bungalow parks, large VVEs, shopping centers, etc. New insights are created for all these companies and institutions by combining data from different systems.

About GRIP Facility

GRIP Facility has strong roots in the facilities market. GRIP Facility makes software for calculation and contract management, KPI dashboards and a DKS + Audit app, among other things, and wants to use this to develop its vision: Digitization of important information for facility management in order to ultimately optimize the user experience in buildings. In order to always stay ahead, the focus is 100% on digitization within facility management. GRIP Facility is an autonomous software company.

About CleanJack

In CleanJack, cleaning companies make schedules and schedules. Tasks are communicated from CleanJack, the execution is monitored and hours and activities are reported. Remuneration is controlled according to the cleaning CAO. With CleanJack, cleaning companies get a grip on the implementation, quality and costs of cleaning. CleanJack can easily be linked to other systems thanks to the CleanJack API. CleanJack has system links with accounting programs, payroll systems and ERP systems.


During the Interclean fair in Amsterdam from 10 to 13 May, CleanJack and GRIP Facility will jointly present themselves. Both companies are located at stand 05.524, on the corner of the robot arena. It promises to be another fantastic event. Atir organizes the Facility Inspiration Event together with Interclean, Stephan Simons is one of the speakers.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is 11903_Persbericht_CleanJack-4159-1024x683.jpg
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