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The Digital VSR Controller

With GRIP VSR Software you can run with the latest VSR software measurements. You digitize your measurements so that you not only have standardized and digital reports. You can actually do something with the results. For example, compare space categories or elements over a longer period.
With GRIP, your VSR measurements are entering a new phase.

Corporate identity

Template in your corporate identity.



Easy to work offline with our software. Sync before and after.



Our application is available for Android and can be used on mobile as a tablet.


Data driven

The data is structured so that you could do something with it later.


Extra questions

We have added additional questions to make your checks even better.

Constantly innovative

We strive to always be able to deliver the latest and best software.



The VSR software from GRIP can be used via smartphone or tablet. Prepare a measurement, perform this measurement and send the report.


With our software it is easy to make inventories, import and export.


The reports that come from your VSR measurement are clear and well-arranged. The reports can easily be shared with your customers or viewed from the dashboard if this is used.

Use our app quickly and contact us for a trial period of 14 days!

Digital VSR Control Software