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GRIP Facility and CleanJack work together to offer the most complete cleaning package possible. By joining forces and linking them with the best systems, the GRIP / Facility combination can be the solution for all cleaning organizations or organizations with cleaning in their own package, and other systems can be used as desired. Think of FMIS or accounting systems that are already active in an organization.

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1. Calculation & planning

By combining the modules, it is possible to arrive at a calculation via GRIP Facility. In GRIP, mutation management also takes place, whereby client and contractor can work together in the system in real time. In addition, additional work and/or changes can be made administratively via GRIP. Think of a request from the client that ultimately results in a quote and an assignment that can be carried out. It is also possible to link a client’s IWMS system to a quotation request so that clients/location managers can work fine in their own system for the applications.
After and during the calculation in GRIP, there is a real-time connection with CleanJack that ensures that all additions and adjustments are processed in CleanJack in hours. Which makes it possible to make the planning for the employees. In addition, this also applies to extra work and/or turns: when work has been approved to be performed, it ends up in CleanJack to be scheduled.

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2. Execution & Registration

After planning, it is time to execute. The cleaner can be instructed in advance via CleanJack, the execution of the cleaning is recorded via terminals, for example, and registered and completed after the work. Object management can also check and approve these hours on a weekly basis. After completion, extra work and turns are immediately sent back to GRIP for settlement in the field of invoicing.

3. Measuring & Control

In addition to implementation and registration, quality checks can easily be carried out via GRIP, these can be DKS or experience measurements. This measurement can then reach the employee via the CleanJack system. This way the employee knows immediately what his/her points for improvement are the next morning and the cleaning quality and the process can therefore be improved.
KPI monitoring can also be easily performed via the dashboard. All KPI agreements in a contract can be tracked (manually or automatically) by various data sources.

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4. Billing & Remuneration

Invoicing can easily take place via GRIP Financial Management. GRIP automatically calculates the amounts that may be invoiced, also possibly with settlements due to transactions that have taken place in a period. In addition, the invoicing of extra work and glass/floor maintenance takes place via GRIP, where the amounts can be calculated automatically. This invoicing can be linked to your own accounting systems, such as Twinfield.
CleanJack realizes the remuneration part, of course in accordance with the cleaning collective agreement. This is also possible in combination with an accounting system as desired, for example Loket.

5. Analysis and Optimization

By having everything take place digitally and by linking systems with each other, data becomes available. Data with which a collaboration can be analysed. By analyzing this collaboration, it is also possible to see what possibilities there are for optimisation. There will be constant optimization, which will then be used in calculation.

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