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Different suppliers, data, mail archives, agreements are not clear, work on local servers ..
The solution: GRIP Facility Dashboard.

Data management


KPI Monitor

The KPI monitor from GRIP provides ideal (real-time) insight into compliance with performance / KPIs versus contract agreements and the follow-up of improvement processes.
Zoom in for detailed information and reports.
Decide for yourself who can see which facility themes or assign the relevant locations, regions or plots to users.

Action management

With the GRIP action management you can activate and follow a possible improvement process. Can actions be allocated to suppliers, intermediaries or colleagues. Its statuses of actions to follow and adjust.


With the GRIP document management you collect all (recent) contract documents in 1 location, in the cloud. Determine different user rights per folder, so that for example one supplier cannot look at another supplier in the kitchen. Share the folders with suppliers, locations, intermediaries or colleagues.


Work together in the cloud as a client with suppliers and intermediaries. As a client you determine who has access and to what.


Easily create management reports on relevant themes and KPIs and then save them as PDFs with documents or e-mail them to the relevant people.

Data connect

Collect different types of data, link it to different KPIs and make a simple comparison between the KPIs in order to connect.


It is easy to make links to another software system via a so-called API. GRIP is built on this and easily displays data from other systems.


Follow urgent matters via the GRIP timeline, all insufficient performances are immediately displayed so that you, your colleague or supplier know where action is needed.

Data Export

It is your data, so we always give you the option to receive an export about your data. It is also possible to implement a data export link (eg a BI system)


The GRIP Facility Dashboard is delivered including an implementation project, so that the software can be used immediately in the right way.





  • Workshop KPI’s
  • Analyse current reporting
  • Technical landscape
  • Config dashboard
  • Training user(s)
  • Training manager
  • Integration back office systems (optional)
  • Data management
  • Evaluation
  • Optimalisation
  • Support desk

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Clean & Facility KPI Monitor & Dashboard