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GRIP on permanent work and calculations.

The contract management tool from GRIP optimizes the regular administrative cleaning process through the following process:


The fixed work always starts with a calculation. This calculation consists of space states with corresponding performance standards, rates and additional work.


With the GRIP tool you can easily change and settle calculations on a daily level. You can also review previous calculations at any time.


Our tool makes a change overview every quarter. Here you can clearly see the new monthly amounts and the settlements for the past quarter.


Checking whether your invoices are correct in a storage facility is also easy with the calculations in the area. You can check the calculation amounts at location and monthly level.


If you have approved the invoice, it will be automatically forwarded to your creditors, without delay.

GRIP on quotes and extra work

Get a grip on your quotes and extra work that is carried out for your organization with our contract management tool.


Authorized users can request extra work. The consultant assesses the application before the supplier receives it.


The supplier submits an offer according to the predetermined call prices. Only after approval of the quotation will the work commence.


After implementation you must agree to the work before the supplier can submit the invoice.


Supplier invoices are submitted via GRIP. Invoicing will only take place when the orders in the invoice have been approved.


Has the invoice been approved? Then it is automatically transferred to your creditors.

GRIP on glass & floor turns.

Fully map out the execution of glass and floor turns with the following process:


First of all, you or the supplier draw up a schedule for the turns that still have to be carried out.


The supplier carries out the assignment in accordance with the agreements that have been established in advance in GRIP.


After the assignment has been carried out, assess the work of the supplier. After this, the supplier can proceed with invoicing.


The GRIP tool easily checks the calculation amounts on the invoice at location and monthly level.


If you agree with the invoice, it will be immediately passed on to the creditors without major detours.

In a nutshell.

More information or live demo?

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    Make use of the completely free free demo.

    Benefits contract management & cleaning calculations with GRIP


    Give suppliers and intermediaries access and collaborate easily.


    You can view all data within contracts in the extensive reports. As well as financial statements for the settlement of transactions.


    Change locations, calculation data, room and floor types and frequencies within one clear environment.

    The contract management is in direct connection with the KPI dashboard. Perfect for displaying and sharing your financial results.


    Review requested changes in your calculation, quotations, extra work and invoices.


    Work easily and extensively with window cleaning and floor maintenance. Whether it's fixed, when extra work is going on outside.