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Error-prone Excel files, constant version management, quotations not according to agreements, invoicing that is not correct. Use GRIP FCM now!

Calculation &
transaction management

Simply place the (complicated) cleaning calculation (consists of hourly rates, performance standards, window cleaning and call-out prices) in the cloud and then easily implement mutations in your room state or calculation, using a logical approval process (input, contract manager agrees) , everyone can see history).

Offers &
Extra Work

Let the execution of quotes, extra work, floor turns or glass turns all go on the basis of predetermined call prices) via GRIP. So that you are sure that your financial contract agreements are being met.

Invoice check

Then check the invoicing based on the calculation. Or for extra work by linking the non-invoiced extra work to the invoice. Your approved invoice can be automatically forwarded to your creditors including the stamp.


Work together in the cloud as a client with suppliers and intermediaries. As a client you determine who has access and to what.


You get access to extensive reports in which you can view all data within your contract. There are also financial transaction overviews for settlement of transactions.


Change locations, adjust calculation data (key figures, hourly rates) and adjust room types, floor types and frequencies in one environment;

Financial contract management is in direct connection with the Facility Data Dashboard. Perfect for displaying and sharing your financial results.


As a contract manager you have the rights to agree to changes in your calculation. This also includes assessing quotations, extra work and invoices.

Floors & Windows

In this extensive software you can easily and extensively work with window cleaning and floor maintenance. To be used in both permanent work, extra work and in turns.

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Facility Contractmanagement & Cleaning Calculation Software