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Your independent facility data platform

The data age has reached facility management.

Big data sometimes seems like a far-from-my-bed show. But a lot of data is also being collected within the facility services company. And those who deal with it in a smart way will benefit greatly.
There is plenty of talk in the media about collecting and analyzing data! These stories describe how Big Data can help organizations work smarter, more efficiently and more sustainably. Think, for example, of predicting customer needs and reducing walking routes in a fulfillment center. Theoretically, the possibilities are almost endless, but for many organizations such applications are really future-proof.
Data in the facility chain
Yet data is certainly also crucial for the facility manager. In essence, all measurements that he or she takes or have taken are data. And if you have data, you can analyze it and you have a means to organize processes more efficiently and to improve the quality of service. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a digital overview of all measurements in the facility chain? For example, consider:
• DKS, VSR-KMS or ER-KMS checks per location;
• The perception measurements per room;
• The financial performance of facility service providers;
• The realization of KPIs such as sustainability, social return, absenteeism and employee satisfaction;
• Checking agreements based on Veneca guidelines and the hygiene code for contract catering (HACCP)
 When this data is collected over a longer period, conclusions can be drawn from it. As a facility manager you will receive answers to questions such as:
• Can the processes (for example the cleaning program) be improved to improve the experience of the end user?
• Which branches are doing poorly when it comes to hygiene in the company restaurant? Which efficiency benefits are possible?
• Does the supplier meet the agreements on, for example, sustainability and social return?
• Is it necessary to make contractual adjustments?